Watch The Video Below For A Quick Preface To Our Mentorship Program


Why mentorship?

Social media has been AMAZING to me over the past few months, and I've had easily thousands of people reach out to me directly for advice regarding real estate deals, laundromats, business startups and general financial advice.

Due to this, I've decided to launch a direct mentorship program that puts you in direct contact with me, in group setting so that we can go over deals together, talk numbers and go hopefully take you to the NEXT STEP in your financial journey. For every step of my personal journey, between being evicted at 18 after my dad had a heart attack, to having 140 rentals, 3 laundromats and the Youtube channel, there was always someone I could go to for help. Now I'm offering my time & self to be that person for you.

We've done our best to make the pricing as transparent as possible : The cost is $49 per month for the first 10 people who join, then increases $10/month for every 10 people that join, with a maximum membership cap of 100 people. At whatever price-point you join at, you're locked in as long as you're a member.


´╗┐with the first month is a one-on-one phone call directly with Brandon to go over your personal goals, aspirations and a short brainstorming session on ways to accomplish it.

Overall, I felt this was the best way possible to be able to create a more-affordable way for people to get my direct help on projects, mentorship and advice. I've been getting hourly consulting offers at a rate of around $500 per hour, and feel this would generally be unaffordable for many people who are interested in my style of investing.

I look forward to considering the program if you're interested, please understand though, there's a hard-cap of 100 members and I don't have any intention of changing the limit due to the amount of time I'm expecting to invest in the people who participate in this program.